Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register to use LetterBug?

No, you do not need to register, signup or create an account to use LetterBug. You can click here to start writing your letter instantly.

How long will my letter take to get there?

If your letter is sent before 4pm it should arrive the next day.

LetterBug cannot guarantee delivery time – after your mail has been taken by Royal Mail we have no control over its delivery. There is no delivery available on a Saturday and Sunday – these will be posted on the Monday.

How much will my letter cost?

A letter costs £1 per page, inclusive of all postage fees. You can preview the number of pages prior to sending.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express credit and debit cards. We also accept payments via PayPal. All transactions are handled using 256-bit secure SSL encryption.

Where can I send my letter to?

Anywhere in the UK.

Do you place logos, markings or advertising on letters sent via LetterBug?

Absolutely not! Mail sent via LetterBug is not marked or branded in any way.

Can I see what my letter will look like?

Yes. We show you exactly how your letter will look so you can proof-read it prior to sending.

Can I have a copy of my letter?

Yes. After sending your letter, we email you a PDF version of your letter for your own records.

Is my address included on the the envelope?

No. The envelope contains the recipient's address only.

What kind of stationery are my letters printed on?

Standard letters are printed on white high quality A4 paper and placed in white DL envelopes with the address and postage printed on the front.

How many pages can I have in my letter?

As many as you want! Letters larger than 24 pages will be placed in a slightly larger envelopes at no extra charge.

How private are my letters?

The staff at LetterBug are absolutely forbidden from reading your letters without your permission.

How can I find the postcode?

Try the Royal Mail's Postcode Finder.

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